Gansler teen drinking gaffe sparks 'much ado about nothing'

I am no fan of either Attorney General Doug Gansler or columnist Dan Rodricks, but I would venture that those now crying foul over Mr. Gansler's presence at a beach house party in Delaware where underage high school graduates were drinking probably drank alcohol themselves at their own senior week parties ("Gansler's public duty, parental strategy collide," Oct. 24).

It may be illegal, but teens consider drinking a rite of passage. Those with the loudest protests better hope nobody kept any photos of their senior parties. Given the age of most of our politicians, they more than likely would have been holding a joint too — even though they didn't inhale.

Teenagers rebel, and the tighter you hold them the harder they rebel. As a teen, I learned I couldn't handle drink and stopped when I was 19. I haven't had a drink since 1966 except a sip of Champagne at weddings.

As Shakespeare once said, this was "much do about nothing."

Dan Shannahan, Fullerton

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