Gansler not believable on taxes

I love it when politicians who have been in power for some time all of a sudden have a change of heart. Maryland Attorney General Doug Gansler now says that he is a different Democrat from all of the others and that it is time to cut taxes ("Candidates for governor pledge tax cuts for business," Oct. 4).

Although I agree wholeheartedly with his words, especially regarding the various taxes on gasoline, cell phones, water, air and health or whatever else has come or will be coming to Maryland, I highly suspect his actions. As a matter of fact, I just think he is outright lying. He has supported or help write half of the laws to tax us right now especially the gun laws that are under litigation.

A tiger cannot change his stripes. The Democrats in this state have not met a tax yet that they are not in favor of in over 40 years. The Democrats have never gotten rid of taxes and actually push the limit on unconstitutional bills that absolutely soak the citizenship of this state. This is why you are seeing the loss of our Fortune 500 companies, losing our high-income earners and the population in general.

Nice try, Mr. Gansler, but let's not start off your race for governor with an outright lie. Tell the people the truth — that there has not been a tax you have not loved. We have your track record. What are we, a stupid people?

Joe Collins Jr., Baltimore

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