No confidence in Gansler

After reading the latest faux pas in the Doug Gansler saga, we are voting "No Confidence" in our state attorney general ("Gansler says he made 'a mistake,'" Oct. 24).

We have a message for Mr. Gansler: We are no longer confident in your ability to serve as our attorney general, and you definitely are on our no-no list for gubernatorial candidates.

Our sister-in-law once called the police after going back to her house to find my 15-year-old nephew hosting a party. She had the foresight to determine there was underage drinking going on and that one of the young ladies appeared to be in need of medical attention.

In his 20s, my step-nephew nearly died from alcohol poisoning as a result of binge drinking; he is now attached to a feeding tube and has lost some of his internal organs.

It's time for Mr. Gansler to quietly make his exit.

Roy and Sandy Kelman, Pikesville

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