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Why didn't we legalize slots back when Ehrlich was governor?

Executive BranchRobert L. Ehrlich Jr.

Isn't it amazing? When Gov. Robert L. Ehrlich Jr.was in office and wanted to initiate gambling, the politicians in Annapolis were morally opposed. Once a Democrat became governor, those objections suddenly disappeared.

As a result, millions of dollars were lost, and surrounding states benefited, while our taxes skyrocketed. Now too late, our greedy politicians need to pay a commission and have a special session of the legislature to further bilk Marylanders of their money.

This is what happens when greed and personal ambition override the public need. I wonder whether the residents of this state will ever wake up and realize how dangerous one party government is to each of us.

Adrienne K. Toland, Cockeysville

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Executive BranchRobert L. Ehrlich Jr.