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Police didn't have to shoot Korryn Gaines

Must police follow a 'bust in the door and shoot' mentality?

It strikes me that when a traffic crime is the issue and a child is present, a summons could be placed on the door and the frightening presence of police outside might retreat. There is no excuse for what happened to Korryn Gaines other than a complete lack of concern for the safety of the woman inside, or the future of her small child ("No charges filed in shooting death of Korryn Gaines, Baltimore County prosecutor announces," Sept. 21). The youngster was shot as well, again inexcusable, and though according to the report he is going to survive, he will never be the same.

His mother was violently killed in his presence. How do you survive that intact?

I say enough of this clumsy, trigger-happy treatment of what seems to be primarily people of color and often on legal charges that in no way justify the brutal energy behind the attempts to effect an arrest.

This is just bad policing, and the "burst the door in and shoot" cycle suggests another protocol is in order when the charge is not a felony.

Molly Cruz

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