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Free fitness classes an important public service

There are always studies showing how many people are obese and overweight. Well if more places around the world had free classes, such as yoga or biking, more people would be out getting into shape. It all comes down to money: People who have enough money can buy memberships in order to work out, but people that lack money are unable to do so. When one doesn't work out they will only gain weight. No matter how healthy you eat, there are many factors that contribute to how healthy you live in life. If more advertisements were posted about classes and clubs that were free of charge, then the citizens of the United States would be out getting into shape instead of sitting around all day. I believe that Baltimore City is doing a wonderful thing providing free classes to the public ("Fit for free," June 2). You can tell they are trying to make a difference in the world. Shouldn't we all be trying to change the health of the world?

Emily Rosenberger, Forest Hill

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