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Yes, we do need someone to tell us what to eat

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Senora McGuire says "We don't need anyone telling us what to eat" ( Readers Respond, June 7). I say Ms. McGuire must be walking around with her eyes shut.

Two thirds of Americans are overweight, and half of those — more than one third of all Americans — are obese! And she thinks we don't need anyone telling us what to eat? Obviously, we do.

She thinks "we are well educated on food." Again I say, "Obviously not!"

She says, "Is anyone really paying attention to what [First Lady Michelle Obama] is saying?" Yet again I say, "Very obviously we are not."

Certainly Ms. McGuire is not; she has only to look around her when she is out. Can she not see the people who are so obese that they have trouble walking? Has she ever looked at what Americans buy? Sodas, hot dogs, white bread, candy, hamburgers, French fries, donuts, pies, sticky buns, chips with everything, the more unhealthy it is the more we like it and the more we buy. And then we feed it to our kids — and we are surprised because they are fat too!

Then we want to blame it on the schools: "They are feeding them bad food, not exercising them." Or the farmers: "Fruit and vegetables are too expensive."

We desperately need to be educated on how to feed ourselves, if we want ourselves and our children to live.

The schools would be a good place to start, teach nutrition, teach buying food — on a budget — teach the need for exercise. These subjects have been eliminated from our schools, we have no money for physical education, and yet a child who exercises regularly is much smarter than one who does not! We could bring their I.Q.s up several points just by running them around a field a few times a week.

Doubtless Ms. McGuire thinks a few Ho-Ho's, some chips and a couple of Cokes are better for junior than a sandwich made with whole wheat bread, real cheese and an apple. (Even more so if she is being told to do it by the wife of the president of the United States.)

David A Liddle, Pasadena

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FitnessCookingMichelle Obama
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