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In debt talks, everybody's got to put something on the table

Everyone needs to put something on the table for any resolution of the debt crisis to move forward ("McConnell key to 'cliff' deal," Dec. 27).

I am newly retired and living on a fixed income, but I will rejoin the work world if I think I need the added security. I understand how Medicare and Social Security work, but I also recognize that my generation and the one just before mine are getting a subsidy that is too big for the country to sustain.

I would put Medicare and Social Security on the table. We get a lot of expensive and wasteful care at the end of life under Medicare, and we ought to raise the retirement age on folks like me and cut out the cost-of-living increases. From my son's perspective, what we have now looks like a pyramid scheme.

He is right. We get back far more than we ever put in unless we don't die soon. In the meantime we still need a financially secure and productive younger generation to secure the country's future.

I don't want to go out tagged as being the generation that dragged the country down. So that's my ante. What's yours?

Avery Harden

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