If federal workers' pay is cut, they'll learn to make do with less

Accompanying your story about impending tax hikes and budget cuts was a front-page picture of an Obama supporter complaining about having to work hard at her Social Security job ("On the brink of the 'fiscal cliff,'" Dec. 6). Perhaps she should join the private sector to find out what real work actually is.

What you didn't report is whether she and whoever else was protesting had taken personal leave to express their feelings or whether they were "on the clock," so to speak, as they publicly complained about being expected "to do more."

Moreover, there are a couple of points to be made regarding her claim of not being able to afford her daughter's college tuition. First, the children of our relatives and friends who are in college work part-time to help pay for their tuition and other expenses.

When I was in college, for example, I found it was much cheaper to check textbooks out of the library than buy them at the campus book store, and that included any late fees on the books.

Second, the photo caption did not specify the college this lady's daughter attends. Perhaps a less expensive college would still allow her daughter to get a quality education.

Dave Micel, Abingdon

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