Ray Lewis putting 28-acre Reisterstown home on the market for $2.95 million

Illegal fireworks plague Balto. Co. [Letter]

Fred Medinger hit the nail on the head ("Fireworks shock and intimidate," Jan. 13). As a fellow resident of Baltimore County, I have experienced the same problems in my neighborhood on New Year's Eve (from midnight until 2 a.m.) and on July 4th (usually starting at all hours of the night on the weekend prior to the 4th and continuing through the following weekend).

These people are just one more example of how our society has deteriorated in this "me" generation. These people are thinking only of themselves and could care less that they are disturbing their neighbors and putting their neighbors' families and properties at risk. What will it take — a fatal fire caused by illegal fireworks — before the county and the state decide to enforce the law?

Too bad the money grubbers in Pennsylvania aren't forced to require proof of Pennsylvania residency from their buyers.

Sally Kopp

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