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Killers are all unhappy young adults

I am a strong advocate of gun control laws, but there is something more than a lack of gun control that is triggering this violence. I see a pattern among most of the mass shootings — all the killers seem to be young and restless!

It is high time we focus on our young adults. They all seem to be drifting aimlessly without any purpose or goal, and there is no sense of any fulfillment or accomplishment. There is absolutely no meaning in their lives, and they are just drifting without focus. They feel insignificant in our society, but they feel very powerful and significant when they carry a gun. It may be the people, not the guns, that kill, but the guns make the killing process too easy. One does not even have to go near a person to kill. He or she can accomplish it from very far off.

So we have two problems now: dealing with powerful hand guns and assault rifles in the hands of wrong people, as well as the problem of mental illness among our young people. These complicated problems cannot be solved through our irrational, selfish politicians. President Barack Obama must come up with some astute executive orders. Here are some suggestions:

1. Raise the hand gun permit age from 21 to 26 (lawenforcement officials to be exempted).

2. Parents or siblings should not have handguns in their house if they have anyone living in their house between the age of 15 and 25.

3. If any member of the household has a mental illness, no one can be permitted to have a handgun. All household members (16 and above) must go through background check and psychological evaluations.

4. Mandatory anger management course must be offered to all final-year high school students.

It is high time President Obama intervened and used his executive powers to stop this gun violence or else we will see more and more of this nonsense. Folks, it is no use crying. Let us roll up our sleeves and get to work!

Daniel Israel, Ellicott City

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