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Kamenetz enriches himself, cheats workers [Letter]

Courts and the JudiciaryKevin KamenetzJustice System

Baltimore County Circuit Court Judge Michael J. Finifter directed on April 14 that Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, County Administrative Officer Fred Homan and Budget Director Keith Dorsey appear before him on June 26 and show why the court "should not hold each in contempt and/or impose sanctions, including incarceration" for refusing to pay police retirees despite a court order to do so ("Judge orders Kamenetz to appear in court in police union dispute," April 22).

The issue had previously been ruled upon in favor of a group of Baltimore County Police retirees by Maryland's highest court. The ruling required Baltimore County to reimburse these retirees for overcharges for their health care benefits during the last seven years. Their health care subsidy had been agreed upon in a negotiated contract. For County Executive Kamenetz to continue denying this benefit now is ludicrous.

"Last year, police union leaders said the county owed each retiree about $1,300 to $1,900," according to The Sun. That amount would have totaled approximately $573,000 when first evaluated. Today, after all of the court battles, that figure now involves $1.6 million of tax payer money.

During the course of the court review of this matter, Mr. Kamenetz has secured additional benefits for himself and selected appointees but will not honor the agreed upon contract for police retirees. The hard working tax payers of Baltimore County deserve government officials to watch over their money and not to waste it.

George Harman, Reisterstown

The writer is a Republican candidate for Baltimore County Executive.

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Courts and the JudiciaryKevin KamenetzJustice System
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