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Eliminate federal gas tax [Letter]

My immediate reaction to The Sun's editorial supporting an increase in the federal gasoline tax by 15 cents per gallon ("The toll on America," Dec. 6) was to be absolutely against it. Not because I am against increasing a gasoline tax if needed, but because there is no need to have a federal gas tax in the first place.

The federal gas tax is simple yet bizarre. The gasoline tax revenues from the states are sent to the U.S. Treasury general fund then somehow transferred (with the probable leakage) to the state's Transportation Trust Fund. The fund sends the money to states based on contracts they have already signed for transportation needs and submitted for reimbursement. What is the purpose of this money transfer process between the states to the federal government back to the states?

And no one has detailed exactly what the states did with the estimated $50 billion that was allocated to their "shovel ready" transportation needs out of the 2009 stimulus plan. Do you really think by giving the states more money from the federal government is the answer to efficiently controlling the transportation needs? I do not.

The answer is simple. Eliminate the federal gasoline tax and let the states tax their citizens for all their transportation needs. That way the state citizens can decide what their transportation needs are and be taxed accordingly.

Ron Wirsing, Havre de Grace

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