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Learn how to land a federal job

The recent article by Jamie Smith Hopkins was right on the mark ("Greater Md. focus on federal agencies," Feb. 8). Baltimore City is fortunate to be located close to many federal agencies and contractors which, as a result of the Base Realignment and Closure process, offer our residents access to a broad range of excellent employment opportunities. I am pleased to share that one of the Federal Facilities Advisory Board's recommendations for getting people ready for these federal jobs — training them on the complex application process — is currently being implemented.

City residents can participate in the FEDirect Federal Application Workshop and Training offered each month through the three One-Stop Career Centers operated by the Mayor's Office of Employment Development. We would like to let people know more about this training opportunity and encourage them to take advantage of this no-cost training.

The FEDirect Federal Job Application Workshop & Training provides valuable information on the security clearance process and offers 10 steps to writing a winning resume for a federal job. The workshop combines a PowerPoint presentation illustrating these steps with hands-on activities that help participants identify keywords from a federal job announcement, highlight their key skills and abilities and search for a job on After participating in the workshop, participants should be able to find an appropriate job through, write an effective resume for, apply for the right position at the right grade or salary level, understand the federal job vacancy announcement and hiring process and learn what it takes to stand out and be considered the "best qualified" for the job.

Participants will also learn how to analyze a vacancy announcement to find important details and key words, highlight accomplishments, KSAs (knowledge, skills and abilities) from present or prior positions, learn about Resume Builder and the complete application process on, and follow-up after the application has been submitted.

Interested individuals can register for the FEDirect workshop by contacting a career developer facilitator at one of the career centers or Delores Coleman, the project coordinator at 410-396-1110. For career center locations, visit

Karen Sitnick, Baltimore

The writer is director of the Mayor's Office of Employment Development.

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