Quit complaining: Federal employees don't have it bad compared to workers in the private sector [Letter]

Perhaps lawmakers and federal employees should be less concerned about themselves and more concerned about the morale of their employers, the American taxpayers ("Half of federal workforce considering private sector," Feb. 23).

Lawmakers passed the health care bill without reading it, promised we could keep our insurance and doctors and pledged to reduce insurance costs, none of which happened.

Rep. Elijah Cummings didn't care about the 73,000 Marylanders who lost their health care. And a week doesn't go by that we read in the paper or hear on the news about wasteful spending by some government agency or employee.

Workers in the private sector haven't had a raise in years and pay more for their health care and pensions than any federal employees. When we have bad weather you never hear of the private sector closing down and excusing non-essential workers with paid absences.

Federal workers earn good salaries, more paid holidays and better pensions than employees in the private sector, all paid for by our tax dollars.

Face it: most government employees are never held accountable for the money they spend or their performance on the job because of their unions. Meanwhile there are a lot of unemployed and under-employed Americans who would love to have their jobs.

J. Heming, Baltimore

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