Clinton's email makes her unfit for the presidency

If Eric Tucker and Michael Biesecker's recent report is true, FBI Director James Comey's credibility will go down so far his resignation would be in order ("State: Benghazi emails involving Clinton recovered by FBI," Aug. 31).

If I'm not mistaken Congress has subpoenaed Hillary Clinton's Benghazi emails more than once. If she thought she was destroying these records to avoid prosecution, it is the same crime that Oliver North was convicted of.

If not, she still is in contempt of Congress for trying to erase the emails to avoid turning them over. In addition to that the Freedom of Information Act was passed to prevent politicians from hiding information from the public. Judicial Watch has made numerous requests that Ms. Clinton has ignored.

I cannot believe the extent to which the TV talking heads are going to in order to trivialize these very serious offenses. It makes me sick when they say it was only a small "(c)" that was stamped on classified documents and that it could easily have been missed. And much of the mainstream press accepts that answer.

But someone who has served as secretary of state and who aspires to be president certainly shouldn't need any marking to know what information should be classified and what shouldn't, and they should take great care regarding the sensitive material with which they are entrusted.

Steven Davidson, New Windsor

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