So called energy-efficient light bulbs are bad for the environment.

My husband and I recycle everything possible. We use cloth bags rather than paper or plastic, we are organ donors, we compost our kitchen scraps, and we even take The Sun online rather than waste paper ("Don't save the planet" May 3).

But we do not — will not — use "screwy" light bulbs.

By the government's own admission, they are a severe biohazard if they are broken. That alone ought to give any sensible person reason to question them. They cannot be used in three-way lights, or with a dimmer switch. They cannot be used in an enclosed fixture, such as a ceiling light. They emit the same sort of rays as the sun, and you are advised not to sit too close to them for fear of skin or eye damage. How can I read if I can't sit by the light? They are slow to reach full power, and the buzzing noise they make will drive most people wild.

I have the feeling these bulbs will soon go the way of triclosan. A good idea, but too dangerous to keep.

Dani Rice, Bradshaw

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