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Brown offers only status quo [Letter]

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I hear the Washington Post endorsed Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, calling him the paragon of the status quo ("Anthony Brown for Maryland governor," May 10). With friends like that, who needs enemies? The characterization is remarkably apt — and devastating.

Maryland is not in good shape. Too many people are still unemployed, too many who have gone through training cannot get jobs they were trained for, too many who are thankful to have a job still worry about whether their children are adequately cared for while they are at work. The middle class has seen multiple tax increases while the super-rich and big corporations get all sorts of breaks they don't actually need, the legislature has cravenly raided the state pension fund rather than dealing honestly with the question of how to raise revenues, the environment is under attack from ill-judged proposals like the Cove Point natural gas terminal and fracking is already occurring just north of us in Pennsylvania.

This is a status quo we could do without. Maryland needs a change for the better, and there is a candidate with the seriousness to provide well-reasoned plans to produce it. Anyone who still doubts that should look at the extensive list of issue positions which has been growing on her website for months. I hope The Sun will endorse Heather Mizeur for governor. She is unquestionably the one we need.

Katharine W. Rylaarsdam

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Executive BranchGovernment
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