An honorable elector

Will electors follow Art Sisneros and put country before party?

Texas elector Art Sisneros was trying to do the honorable thing ("Trump opponents try to beat him at the Electoral College," Nov. 20). He decided to resign his position because he could not in good conscience vote for Donald Trump. While Art was trying to do the right thing, he accidentally dishonored the Constitution and the founders who created it — not because of his failure to vote, but because he viewed his pledge to his state as greater than his pledge to his country which is to go through the complicated process of evaluating the candidates and vote for the best choice.

The public needs people like Art who will critically think about who they are going to vote for on December 19. The electors have the right to ask Mr. Trump for his tax returns. They have the right to evaluate his qualifications. They must review his actions and disrespectful statements and make a choice. Mr. Sisneros does not need to vote for Hillary Clinton but rather could choose another Republican in order to cast his vote for a qualified individual.

Mr. Sisneros, I applauded your thought process and doing what you deemed to be honorable. I wish your elected officials would have explained the job in terms of the country rather than in terms of your obligation to the state.

Mark Pinsley, Allentown, Pa.

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