Our best hope is a write-in

What's a voter to do on Nov. 8? Be ready to go off-ballot.

Every day is another day of disgust when it comes to Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. From the continuous misogyny of Mr. Trump to Ms. Clinton's political email fiascoes, cronyism and favors, and her husband's disgusting proven history of sexual improprieties, one gets a daily dose of stomach upsets.

I will not vote for either one as there are many write-in choices. (The third party choices on the ballot are equally disturbing). Currently, I am looking at Lynn Kahn and her running mate Kathleen Monahan-Murphy. I wanted to write in Bill Gates for president and Warren Buffet for vice president but could not due to write-in regulations.

Ms. Clinton will more than likely win due to the huge pro-choice voting bloc, but at least I will not be part of the farce.

Bernard H. Meyer, Elkridge

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