Don't turn back on schools

The $10.6 billion cut for education in the 2018 Trump budget is irrational and dangerous ("Trump's first education budget: Deep public school cuts in pursuit of school choice," May 17). At the very time that we should be investing in education to prepare students for the high-level jobs in areas such as cybersecurity, health care and information technology, this budget reduces or eliminates funding for many programs including college work-study, teacher training and student after-school programs. These budget cuts including the diversion of funds from public schools to questionable voucher systems will, in many cases, throw added fiscal burdens on states, many of which struggle to maintain education funding.

In rankings of education systems, American education is seldom at the top. As a nation, our goal should be to have our education system at or near the top, just as our higher education and defense systems are. We need to be reminded that a dollar invested in public education provides a return of four dollars in terms of better workers, citizens and family members. 

When the Congress develops the 2018 budget, it needs to ignore President Donald Trump's proposed cuts to public education and send a strong message that American public education needs to be strengthened, not weakened. Business leaders, educators, parents and citizens need to be united in the goal of making American education the best.

E. Niel Carey, Ellicott City

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