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Raise the bar for city students [Letter]

I totally agree with Paul Marx ("The bigotry of low expectations," July 3) about teachers not tolerating laziness. I was having this same discussion with friends just three days ago. Baltimore should take steps to raise expectations for students.

It's been proven time and again that when expectations are high, students achieve, regardless of their social or economic status. Baltimore needs to be brave and endure the possibility of lower high school graduation rates while taking the necessary steps to get those students prepared for graduation and beyond. So many students are graduating into disappointment — either unable to get in to college or even worse, are discouraged when they can't withstand the rigors or college and have to drop out.

How are you serving these children? You are preparing them for the slaughter! Baltimore can be an example to the rest of the country and get rid of bridge programs and other quick fix schemes and teach to these children's potential!

Dean Radcliffe-Lynes

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