Choice is key to educational opportunity

David Wilson has it spot on ("Why education should be considered a civil right" May 13). K-12 education is not only the civil rights issue of our time, it is the moral issue of our time. The public education system is failing far too many kids and the poorer one is, the worse it is. Why should anyone's educational opportunities be rationed by their family income?

We need to change the way we fund public education and fund parents and children rather than the education establishment. On average, the schools in Baltimore spend just under $17,000 per pupil per year. Let's give this money to the parents in some sort of state-regulated environment, of course, and let them decide where it is spent. This one change will transform public education and in the process save millions of young lives.

If we are truly serious about addressing this moral issue, the time to act is now.

John Conlin, Littleton, Colo.

The writer is president of End the Education Plantation, Inc.

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