Brainwashing the American mind

My husband and I read with interest Jim Salvucci's commentary on the devaluation of education in society today ("Real work in the fake world," Jan. 8). His argument that saying academics are not part of the "real world" means they must be doing "fake work" in a "fake world" captures a sad truth about how education is perceived in our culture.

We are both in our mid-70s and have spent most of our lives witnessing with some degree of horror the deterioration of our educational system. The last time we checked, our "straight A" college-student grandchildren could not name even one of their senators, the governor or any member of the Supreme Court. On the other hand, they could name pop culture icons from television, film and Broadway plays as well as all their favorite products.

The continual nipping away at public education funding from kindergarten through university weakens our democracy. The false distinction between real and fake worlds serves only the purpose of corporations anxious to intrude into our "real worlds" in order to convince us to purchase their products and accept their political positions. The result is the brainwashing of the American mind.

Nancy R. Mickelsen, Baltimore

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