Edsall not a credible advocate for education funding [Letter]

Regarding Randy Edsall's recent commentary ("Preschool proposal is a win for Maryland families Dec. 30), I find it highly ironic that a college football coach (the closest position in state employment to a publicly-funded entertainer) who is Maryland's highest paid state employee has the audacity to call for new taxes to fund of universal pre-school.

It's almost as if the University of Maryland's head football coach wants to distract us from the fact that his job (salary and attendant football program) is a reason we have less public education funds to go toward teachers. Or perhaps it is to distract us from the fact that college administrators have placed athletics above academics.

What are our children supposed to think when college football coaches are seen as big hearted when they deign to ask us to contribute more for education expenses while they continue to be paid about 35 times as much as a professor? Hey kids, be sure to go to school, work hard and pay for college and someday, maybe, you might be able to see me coach a football game at a reduced price.

Mr. Edsall advocating for publicly-funded pre-K while drawing taxpayer wages in excess of $1.6 million annually for coaching football is mocking education, not advocating for it. If he were serious about education, he would resign in protest of athletic funding and the attendant mismanagement of academic funding in Maryland.

Luke Ackerman, Baltimore

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