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Dislike Eastern Shore? Bay Bridge runs west, too

I read Victoria Weiskopf's letter in The Sun with growing amusement ("Progress comes slow to a space-age town," Sept 25). One would be forgiven for assuming that Ms. Weiskopf and her significant other retired to Virginia's Eastern Shore because, after due diligence, they found the region's lifestyle to their liking. But this is, apparently, not the case. She bemoans the region's "obstacles to real social progress" and its lack of support for a "progressive culture." In fact, so oppressive do they find their present (meaning not liberal) surroundings that when they "crave a richer culture and a world of progressive thinking we head west, back home to Columbia."

Ms. Weiskopf reminds me of the city dweller who moves to a beautiful new house in the country that's next to a pig farm and promptly proceeds to sue the farmer because of the smell! I suggest that if Columbia is still "home" to her, Ms Weiskopf should simply acknowledge her mistake, move back there and leave the good folks of the Delmarva in peace.

Dennis J. Dabrowka, Glen Burnie

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