Del. Dwyer's alcohol problem

It is obvious that the public is safer on weekends now that Del. Don Dwyer is spending them in the Anne Arundel County jail ("Dwyer sentenced to 60 days for driving impaired, boating under influence," Oct. 25).

Mr. Dwyer's episodes of drunken boating and drunken driving resulted in injury to two innocent children and anguish to two others in the stricken boat.

Mr. Dwyer has been a vocal proponent of military-style assault weapons and the public's right to bear arms of any sort. He has even raffled off an AK-47 and an AR-15 to make money for his re-election campaign.

Mr. Dwyer has also been a vocal opponent of same sex marriage in Maryland, citing the sanctity of marriage and his Republican social norms.

I am not aware of any same-sex marriages causing as much harm as either a DUI or BUI or as assault style weapons have in Maryland and the U.S.

Michael J. Boquard, Baltimore

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