Pet owner wants free run for Fido at renovated Robert E. Lee Park

Regarding reporter Jill Rosen's recent article about Robert E. Lee Park, I applaud the efforts of the many volunteers who have worked on the renovation there and wish the project every success ("Park back, with rules fordogs," Oct.13).

As the article noted, the park has been a site where dogs were walked off leash for many years, regardless of leash the laws in effect in Baltimore City and the county. Most, though not all, of the dogs walking off leash will now do so in the fenced-in front portion of the park.

I, however, am part of a small but growing community of people who would like to be able to walk our dogs off leash in the back of the park. Our reasons are varied, but in general, we find that allowing our dogs to walk off leash in a play area while we sit and watch is not particularly pleasurable.

Is there a compromise possible? I propose allowing people to walk their dogs off leash in the back half of the park between dawn and 11a.m. The current rules would apply the rest of the time.

An annual fee could be charged for this privilege. Other jurisdictions, such as New York City, have made similar amendments to their leash laws, and the arrangement has proven quite successful and beneficial to everyone. It really doesn't take much to share the space. All it takes is a willingness to do so.

Ellen Lerner

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