Republicans aren't ignoring problems, they're trying to fix them [Letter]

Regarding letter writer Muriel Shefrin's charge that Republicans have no political agenda ("Ignoring real problems, GOP dithers," May 6), imagine if Richard Nixon had kept Watergate under wraps until two years later, and congressional Democrats had been told to simply leave it be as there were more pressing social issues at hand.

Would they back down, or would they seek the truth, as the GOP currently is doing with Benghazi?

Also consider that the Affordable Care Act primarily benefits the massively wealthy insurance companies, even at the expense of many who were already insured. Frankly, I can see no reason to keep the tangled web of legalese that is the ACA around, apart from a need to defend the product of one's own political tribe of course.

Regarding the social injustices of which Ms. Shefrin speaks, consider that out of the 50 states, more than 40 of them have shall-issue carry permits for guns, and those states have not devolved into the Old West shootouts feared by former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and his cadre.

Consider as well that the disparity in wages disappears when employees' career choices are controlled for in statistical analysis. And finally, consider that passing further legislation with regards to sexual assaults will not stop criminally minded people from perpetrating such acts, as the fact that sexual assaults are illegal has not stopped them in the past.

Sean Jenkins-Houk, Lutherville

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