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Barack Obama, tyrant-in-chief [Letter]

I don't know which shocks me more, the speech or the reaction. In his State of the Union address, President Barack Obama emphatically stated three times to the nation and world that he knows what's best for America ("Obama talks economy, immigration in State of the Union address," Jan. 28). If the Congress, the democratically-elected representatives of the people, do not agree to do things his way, then he, the president, will act on his own. Unilaterally, without anyone's approval, President Obama proclaimed that he will rule by executive order. He personally intends to enact and enforce any laws that he deems necessary and proper.

The silence of the people and the media is alarming. The U.S. Constitution has an elastic clause that stretches to cover unforeseen situations. One man rule, a dictatorship, is unthinkable, yet we know President Obama means exactly what he said. We, the people, seem to have elected a tyrant.

President Obama declared war on us, our government by the people, of the people and for the people. No alarms are sounding, no air raid sirens. Evil happens when good men say nothing.

Susan Wolf Dudley, Baltimore

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