Democrats act only in self-interest [Letter]

Reading Daniel Rodricks' latest liberal lunacy ("Maryland 'Democratic dominance' in numbers, not spine," April 5), I was amazed as to how he wanted to equate Democrats with being sensible or somehow concerned about anyone other than themselves.

First and foremost, while a majority of registered voters in Maryland happen to be Democrats, the greater majority of those voters are conservatives who continue to support capital punishment and lower taxes and less government intervention. For decades, Democrats like Mr. Rodricks have cried about the under-privileged and lower classes of Maryland, blindly funding programs such as Head Start, food stamps and welfare, along with community initiatives geared to assisting the disadvantaged without any fiscal accountability and ultimately funding these programs off the backs of the millionaires you now cry about finally getting a much-deserved tax break.

The Sun's continued outrage about the General Assembly finally doing something for the wealthy — a once-in-a-decade aberration for this Democratically-controlled legislature — should be replaced by joy, especially if you want the party of left-wing bloodsuckers to remain in the majority. They, too, need to cozy up to wealthy donors in order to get elected, utilizing the same Supreme Court decisions (Citizens United and McCutcheon) they criticize the GOP for mastering. Or else they will be overtaken by consensus-making independents and moderate Republicans looking to base their policy-making decisions less on party affiliation and more on common sense approaches.

Elected officials should not be beholden to a mindset but rather represent the interests of all those who encompass their district regardless of party affiliation and political beliefs. There is a reason why the fastest growing bloc of voters across this country and in Maryland are political independents. They are tired of the same old political rhetoric of Democrats who place their personal values over the common good of all people, not just the downtrodden.

Hassan Giordano, Baltimore

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