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No choice but to vote Democrat

I too, sympathize with what Dovey Kahn wrote in The Sun on Sept. 6th ("Obama by default"). But, unlike Mr. Pasek ("Voting Republican for president, by default" Sept. 7) I cannot vote for any of the mainstream GOP candidates. Like Mr. Pasek, I believe in social equality, less government and balanced budgets. I also detest the wars in which we are often recklessly involved. But I also believe in science. The evidence for evolution and global warming is pervasive. If you can ignore the evidence in one area, what will stop you from confirming your biases in other areas, when the evidence is equally prevalent? The GOP offers me Jon Huntsman. (Sorry Mitt Romney, you flip-flop too much, and I don't really know what you stand for.) Sadly, Mr. Huntsman has no chance.

Todd C. Wade, Baltimore

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