Blame Kamenetz for overzealous police [Letter]

In the recent editorial, "Disruptive democracy" (July 29), a critical, overriding question is overlooked. It is correctly observed that the overly zealous curbing of public comment is not the fault of the police officers. Instead, it is a reflection of the low tolerance of citizen input by the county government as a whole.

But most certainly, it was not "the county government as a whole" that directed the police officers to give "helpful tips" to the two Dundalk activists who were trying to present their perspective on the government's plans that would significantly impact their local community.

And so the real question that demands an answer is, "Who specifically in the Baltimore County government directed the police officers to counsel the Dundalk citizens about their style of free speech?" It would be hard to believe that the police officers decided take this action on their own.

The culture of the government is clearly set by the executive leadership. Baltimore County is currently led by Kevin Kamenetz who has previously stated in a public forum that "It is my job to talk, it is your job to listen!" Such an attitude sets the tone for the entire county government, and this direction comes from the very top level of elected officials!

Penny Noval, Timonium

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