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Defense cuts don't go far enough [Letter]

As a peace activist, I am skeptical of the alleged cutbacks in military spending. I remember the "peace dividend" which never happened.

Then I read "Pentagon cuts could affect Maryland" (Feb. 25). The article was misleading. Most economists will tell you that you can get more bang for the buck if tax dollars go instead to non-military investments such as Baltimore's infrastructure. For example, Maryland could really benefit if investments in renewable energy allow the state to slowly wean itself away from coal, gas and oil.

Our Maryland senators and members of the House of Delegates must step up and support SB493/HB738, "Economic Development: Commission on Maryland's Future." The Future Commission is a first step toward creating a roadmap that will keep Maryland workers prepared for the jobs of tomorrow. Help reprioritize federal spending, away from military waste and toward our communities' needs.

The article mentions the F-35, but the authors failed to note its exorbitant price tag or that the plane has myriad problems. This is just one of many wasteful and unneeded weapons projects. Severe cuts to the war budget with subsequent savings being used to revitalize cities can provide us with a significant uptick in the moribund economy. Everyone benefits from a peace budget.

Max Obuszewski, Baltimore

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