Who won the debate? Nobody.

The second presidential debate this week made me deeply uncomfortable ("Obama takes an aggressive stand," Oct. 13). One has to wonder how high school debate coaches would regard the poor example set by these two candidates. It was embarrassing.

Observing this brawl explains why nothing ever gets accomplished in Washington. If you disagree with your opponent's policies, just interrupt him or shout him down. Is that leadership? I don't think so.

Each man should have been given a shot of truth serum beforehand. Check the facts!

Who won? No one. This debate showed a side of the president that was definitely not Mr. cool, and in my opinion neither man came across as particularly likable.

Can we honestly say that these leaders will ever have the ability to unite our country? As the two men fought to feed their egos, it became clear that the reality is we need to consider a women for president. Now that would be a change we could believe in.

Dolores Noell, Canton

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