Locked out of the debate in Garrett County [Letter]

While the rest of the citizens in the Free State will have the opportunity to watch the first televised gubernatorial debate among Lt. Gov. Anthony Brown, Attorney General Douglas F. Gansler and Del. Heather Mizeur, I will have to be content watching "Jeopardy!" ("The debate debate," May 1).

That's because I live in a part of Garrett County that is an "orphan" media market — meaning someone in the federal government decided my local news is from Pittsburgh, not Annapolis, Baltimore or Washington, D.C.

A democracy is based on informed citizenry, but out here we are precluded from learning about the candidates through these debates. I can tell you a lot about the candidates running in southwestern Pennsylvania, but I get nothing about the Maryland candidates for whom I will be voting.

So please watch the debates for me and the rest of us who do not have this basic privilege of participating.

Barbara Beelar, Oakland

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