Death penalty saves on prison costs

I would like to talk about the death penalty issue being discussed in Annapolis ("Senators wrestle with death penalty vote," Jan. 28). The problem I have with the death penalty is that when a person kills someone, the killer will not die for his actions. He will have a life in prison with free medical care, free food, free clothes and free heat and air conditioning and watch television. If they need a kidney or heart transplant, they can be on the waiting list for a donor organ.

Gov. Martin O'Malley is wrong when he said that it cost too much money to have a death penalty. I think it costs more to fully house an individual for 30 or more years in prison.

The senators should not listen to the NAACP and the ACLU about the killing of innocent people. Although the legal system is not 100 percent correct, you do not have 100 percent of the killers live just because one person might not be the correct one.

There are many people trying to pay their rent, electric, and heat. Many work two or more jobs just to have food on the table and pay for the utilities. Maybe some people might think that it would be easier to live by killing a few people and have a worry-free life in the penitentiary.

Howard P. Fink, Baltimore

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