Don't repeal the death penalty

The current effort by members of the Maryland General Assembly and Gov. Martin O'Malley to abolish the death penalty in Maryland is one of the worst ideas that occurred in this state in decades ("Next up: death penalty," Dec. 2).

With the violent crime rate on the rise, such flawed legislation and laws would only encourage criminals of violent capital crime offenses to continue committing violent crimes that under normal circumstances warrant and deserve the death penalty.

As a Maryland taxpayer, I resent paying taxes to support convicted criminals who received life sentences but deserved the death penalty.

I would urge the General Assembly not ever to pass such bad and flawed legislation and to keep the death penalty on the books to discourage violent crimes here. I say keep it as a deterrent to violent crime and violent criminals.

Let's not let the liberals in Annapolis take us 10 steps back. We should be glad that repeated efforts to overturn the death penalty have failed — and should again.

Al Eisner, Silver Spring

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