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Cyber security jobs going begging?

If there are nearly 20,000 cyber security jobs are available in the state of Maryland, why hasn't it been shouted from the roof tops ("Cyber help wanted," Feb. 27)?

Most employment news we hear now is fairly dismal. With this many high-paying positions needing to be filled, the school system must take more notice.

Baltimore's Digital Harbor High School, a marvelous place dedicated to technology and located right in Federal Hill, is one place to start. Recruiters from the National Security Agency, U.S. Cyber Command and other government and private agencies should stop by and encourage students to enroll in computer security programs and pursue degrees in the field.

If such great cyber security jobs are going begging for lack of trained technicians, something is wrong. Everyone who uses the Internet knows that hacking and cyber crime are on the increase, and just about everyone I know has a horror story to tell.

What I don't want to hear is the work will soon be outsourced to Asia or that the U.S. State Department plans to issue thousands of visas to import foreign technicians to do the work.

It's about time our education "experts" started paying attention to real jobs that exist today and teach kids how to go after them.

Rosalind Ellis Heid, Baltimore

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