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Cummings a disgrace in Benghazi hearings

The other day I sat down to watch some of the coverage of the Benghazi hearings and almost spit out my drink in utter dismay at the ignorance and incompetence of Rep. Elijah Cummings ("U.S. diplomat details attack in Benghazi," May 9). Now, mind you this is the big bad congressman who was mad as heck and tried to convict baseball stars of perjury for lying to Congress under oath on an issue many Americans could care less about — steroid doping. In the Benghazi hearings, he could care less about the whistle blowers and suggesting death was a part of life. He viewed this whole incident in which four Americans died, as a witch hunt.

The Democrats just don't comprehend that this matter is a little more important then their bookies in their districts getting ripped off due to doping sports stars. This incident in Benghazi actually happened before the election last year, and it's clear that the White House and State Department knew that same day it was not related whatsoever to an anti-Islam movie but a well orchestrated terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11. Mr. Cummings should be mad as heck that the Obama administration and State Department lied to him.

Instead of getting mad at who was shooting juice into whose rear end in sports, maybe Mr. Cummings should concentrate on who gave the order to stand down from getting our military units airborne and mobilized to get on the scene of the attack in Benghazi. Maybe he should find out who actually denied beefed up security in Benghazi because it was testified that it could be only one person — Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. But no, I guess the congressman is not man enough to go after his own party elite.

Rep. Cummings is a disgrace and should resign his seat immediately or at the very least people in his district should throw him out of office. These Democrats will go to any length to protect their own regardless of the evidence.

Joe Collins

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