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Complaints about intermodal facility are unfounded

I always find it amusing how people that buy into less desirable neighborhoods are quick to complain when the thing that made their home less wanted — and cheaper — gets even worse ("Study finds planned CSX transfer station could have negative impact," Aug. 5).

I feel for these people, but CSX was there long before they were. I am a huge railroad fan and stockholder and I believe we have no more room for more lanes on our gridlocked highways.

I have been advocating for a viable high-speed rail system that will take you anywhere in the continental U.S. within 24 hours and have made a valid proposal to all of the sources that be.

What CSX is doing here is vital to the Port of Baltimore and part of a long overdue enhancement of the local rail infrastructure. (Thank you Sen. Barbara Mikulski).

Building sound barrier walls has proved invaluable to the neighbors of the Beltway and interstates. Perhaps they can be used here to ease the pain.

Also, new propane engines are being developed that will make rail travel a lot cleaner and more efficient. If I were to hit the big Power Ball this week I would put a third of the money into CSX stock, a third into Norfolk Southern, and a third into Union Pacific stock. That is how much I believe in the need to support and improve the railroads in this country.

Steven Davidson, New Windsor

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