Animal cruelty? Let's fight human-on-human cruelty first

I see yet another front page article in The Sun about combating animal cruelty ("Baltimore athletes show their 'soft side,'" Sept. 26) and my heart sinks.

Why is another article about animal cruelty front page news while most stories about human beings losing their lives are reduced to a small paragraph on page four? When was the last time a large reward was offered for information on the murder of a teen-age kid as opposed to the thousands of dollars offered by people coming out of the woodwork when a dog gets hurt?

Priorities are mixed up. I understand that animal cruelty is seen as a gateway to more serious crimes, but please check your hearts on which lives are worth more. I say stop wasting money on animal cruelty and use it to fight the causes of violence against humans.

Kedi Finkbeiner, Towson

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