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Craig: The anti-Chesapeake Bay candidate

ElectionsDavid R. Craig

Without doubt, car dealerships and big box store owners in overwhelming numbers will be voting for Harford County Executive David Craig in the 2014 gubernatorial Republican primary — all 238 of them, more or less. But running as the anti-Chesapeake Bay candidate, as Mr. Craig seems to be positioning himself to do, will be as popular as running against Santa Claus on Christmas Eve. His recent statements regarding environmental policy are about as reckless and irresponsible as any I have seen reported in over 60 years of reading The Sun ("GOP's Craig calls for environmental rollback," Sept. 17). The Chesapeake Bay is Maryland in tradition, history and fact. It unites us and is in our DNA.

While the "rain tax" may not have been well presented for public understanding and support, it is payback for many years of local government neglecting the impact of urban sprawl. Run-off must be mitigated in the watershed if the bay is not to become little more than an open sewer. If Mr. Craig is positioning himself to appeal to the far-far right to gain the nomination of his party, he may achieve that. But in the general election, he will the loser — as the bay would be if he were ever to become governor.

Joseph M. Coale III, Towson

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ElectionsDavid R. Craig
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