King Kamenetz thwarts the will of the people

It is time for a little history lesson. In 1775 King George III so vehemently opposed the colonists having any say in who should act on their behalf that he hired Hessian troops to kill their nascent desire to have a modicum of representation in Parliament. The result was a revolution that cost King George the most valuable part of the British Empire.

Fast forward to 2012, and we have the would be King Kamenetz, who is so opposed to his subjects having a say in the affairs of local government that he hired his version of the Hessians in the form of Del. Sheila Hixson to ravage our representatives in Annapolis, to say nothing of the voters of Baltimore County.

In the face of majorities of the Baltimore County Delegation and the County Council that supported a hybrid school board, County Executive Kevin Kamenetz decided that he alone knows what is best for the citizens of Baltimore County and successfully killed the bill.

King Kamenetz has so damaged his relationship with enough of his subjects that the revolt has started. In 1775 only a third of the colonists wanted complete independence, a third wanted to find a way to work out their differences and remain loyal subjects, and another third were undecided. Just as King George miscalculated with actions that alienated the undecided, King Kamenetz has likely done the same. The best that King Kamenetz can hope for is that his subjects have short memories, but somehow I do not think that the delegation, the County Council, and Baltimore County voters will be so forgiving.

It took several years of conflict before the Americans won their freedom. Perhaps it will take that long for the citizens of Baltimore County to get their hybrid school board. The more important question for King Kamenetz is, has he already planted the seeds that may well result in a chorus of "The King is dead, long live the King" at the next election?

Bob Frisch, Joppa

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