Shame on Kamenetz and his cronies' double-dipping pensions

The Sun's coverage of Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz and his friends' multiple pension plans ought to shame them into giving up their lucrative arrangements ("Pension double standard," Feb. 29).

The Sun did something similar during Parris N. Glendening's governorship. Some of Governor Glendening's cronies from Prince Georges County began working for him as state employees when he became governor. After a few years, these cronies developed a double pension plan for themselves.

When The Sun found out, the disgust and anger were quite apparent. Repeating the story almost daily, combined with The Sun's dismay and disgust, moved the governor's assistants to give up their double pension plan.

Today's situation regarding the double pensions in Baltimore County calls for a similar effort by The Sun. Please give it a try!

James Herber

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