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Balto. Co. library is more vibrant than ever


I enjoyed reading Shireen Younus' op-ed about rediscovering her public library ("A few words in support of libraries," April 17). Like Ms. Younus, many people have rediscovered their public library over the past few years. In the 2012 fiscal year, the Baltimore County Public Library recorded nearly 5 million in-person visits, circulated nearly 10.6 million items, set a record of over 48,400 participants in our Summer Reading Club, and added nearly 20,000 new cardholders. In the past two years, we also opened two new branches, our Sollers Point Branch and our Owings Mills Branch.

While our branches host low-key celebrations of National Library Week throughout the designated time period, we at Baltimore County Public Library look at every day as a celebration of public libraries. Every day we open the doors to our branches to provide a variety of services to the public including access to books, movies and music for entertainment and information; job-seeker services; access to the Internet; and early childhood literacy programs and services, to name just a few.

If you haven't visited your public library recently, I invite you to come check us out. Like Ms. Younus, you just may discover how much you've missed us!

James H. Fish, Towson

The writer is director of the Baltimore County Public Library.

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