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Bartenfelder an old hand at dysfunctional government

I had to comment on Joe Bartenfelder's letter to the editor ("Sales and secrecy have raised Balto. Co. voter ire," June 9). Joe forgets the many requests to have our home placed in compliance and in accordance with the zoning when he was our councilman. He forgets that he was a part of approving a small subdivision on our home street that is only three-tenths of a mile from a failing intersection taking our open space.

When he was asked to intervene because of this apparent encroachment, nothing was done nor was the street put into compliance. As a result, many incidents have occurred resulting in damage to property, a dog getting killed, and a car side-swiped, all hit and runs. The next victim was a teenage boy who was twice struck by the illegal traffic cutting through this cul-de-sac. Whether residents voice their opinion or not, Baltimore County does what they want when the people object.

Not only does the county want to take the North Point Government Center park, they also are taking the park in Mays Chapel to build another school in a neighborhood that is majority senior citizens, taking their parkland that was approved and put aside when Mays Chapel was developed. There is no trust in this county government. What is being done is underhanded and done by the objection of the residents. Many of us here on this legally zoned cul-de-sac that is illegally a public through-way know how it feels to take land for new construction when it was not suppose to be.

Joe, you know how all of this works since you were a part of it for many years.

Janet Keplinger, Parkville

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