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The Cosbys deserve Baltimore's thanks

I have always admired Bill Cosby. From the time my father brought home an album, "Why Is There Air?", I thought he was hilarious yet keenly insightful. I don't think there was anyone who could make my dad laugh like Mr. Cosby. His comedic career was always marked by the fact that he never had to resort to being profane or obscene.

I have now acquired an equal admiration for his wife, Camille. Together, the Cosbys donated $2 million dollars to the St. Frances Academy, which is run by the Oblate Sisters of Providence, the oldest African-American order of nuns in the nation ("Baltimore honors the Cosbys," March 31). It is so reassuring to know that good news still exists in our ever-changing society.

What an absolute joy it is to have people like the Cosbys and their act of benevolence. Reading about them was a wonderful and welcome respite from the circus event held by so-called public servants under the big tent we call Annapolis.

Patrick R. Lynch, Nottingham

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