Political correctness run amok in Howard County

The court was named Coon Hunt before the residents bought their houses ("What's in a name?" Feb. 8). It didn't prevent them from moving in. If others are also offended, they can do something about it. They may contribute and solicit money from others to have the name legally changed, just like everyone else has to do, regardless of their sensibilities.

I'm reminded of "politically incorrect" speech by an official in theWashington, D.C.city government. He was accused of racism for using the word, "niggardly," which has nothing to with the "N-word." It's not even derived from the same root word. Niggardly means stingy, nothing more.

After his politically correct critics realized their mistake, they still said the man should not have used "niggardly" because he should have known that teachers people know the difference between those two homonym like words. (Am I allowed to say "homonym" in a family newspaper? That word does have the same root as "homosexual" (from the Greek, meaning "same").

The Sun is making a mountain out of a molehill. Oops! Is "Mole Hill" politically correct? Might covert agents be insulted?

Karl Pfrommer

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