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Jobs for all, not just ex-convicts [Letter]

Oh, how I love the campaign season. The three Democratic candidates for governor want to emphasize literacy and job training for "ex-offenders" so they can re-enter their community ("Candidates for Maryland governor seek votes by helping ex-convicts," May 24). "When people have work, they are less likely to commit crime" is their mantra. The Republicans parrot the same line, but less so.

Don't get me wrong, these are lofty goals. The unemployment and underemployment rate is 11.9 percent in Maryland, and that includes all the government jobs from D.C. There aren't even jobs in Maryland for non "ex-offenders."

Annapolis could be helpful if it weren't so anti-business. Remember Texas Gov. Rick Perry's visit to Maryland? With a friendly Annapolis, there would be jobs for everyone, including ex-convicts. Let's try this first.

Steven Pinson, Baltimore

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